Leaving Singapore for Perth

20120519-105228.jpgCatching a flight back to Perth today. I think I'll fly Creepyland Airlines.

20120519-105458.jpg I had a great time in Singapore. Ate like a king. The pepper crab won by a unanimous decision.

20120519-105614.jpg I mean it was so good I almost had to eat two. The Creepyland Airlines pic scared me after I made it so I made this next one to cleanse my palate.

20120519-105745.jpg But then I made this next one for my clothing line that doesn't exist except in my mind. Creepyland Clothiers.

20120519-105901.jpg I really did see some cool stuff on this latest jaunt. Jesus and Buddha hung out in my hotel.

20120519-105957.jpg Some more memories of Chinatown in Singapore.

20120519-110302.jpg Good flat whites to drink.

20120519-110358.jpg Hundreds of ways to say hello.

20120519-110450.jpg Cool big headed advertisements

20120519-110550.jpg Donna Summer died. :( RIP DS. I played your music in the morning.

20120519-110703.jpg I have miles to go before I sleep. Trains Planes and Automobiles.

20120519-110806.jpg Love to you all. xo Steve