Leaving Adelaide for Quorn

20120422-133438.jpgI'm leaving Adelaide to for Quorn. Heading out to the rural regions of South Australia. Eatin' some Tim Tams and some Peri Peri crisps. The house concert at Gordon and Kate's was really cool. There were about 6 other musicians that opened the show and I heard some great tunes. There's a close knit little community of songwriters here. I like it a lot. Here's a view in the morning From the deck of the house I played.

20120422-134030.jpg Beautiful. The leaves are getting ready to change as fall creeps in to the southern hemisphere. Last night I went to The Football game to see The Adelaide Crows play. They beat Great Western Sydney in a game played in the pissing rain. It was fun eating pies and hearing people scream at the referees and their teams saying things like "kick the bloody ball!" I loved the whole experience.

20120422-134857.jpg I forgot to say that I was on a really cool radio program called The Sound Of Muesli. With Tones and Pete. They're both really smart and super funny. I think they may be putting the interview up online for your listening pleasure.

20120422-135156.jpg So now I head to the countryside for a night of more music. Yeah! Steve