Le Mouton Noir

20110528-030442.jpgThanks to all the beautiful people for showing up in Wakefield, Quebec last night at The Black Sheep. I really love that venue and the town and all it holds. We had a long drive through traffic congested Montreal so we stopped for a late lunch at Schwartz's. There was the usual long line to get in so I found a couple of counter seats and watched the waiters yell at each other in French. High quality entertainment and you'd better have your order ready or they'll yell at you too. I love places like that. They've been open since 1928 so I can only wonder about the things that have happened in that joint. Can you imagine opening a restaurant one year before the market crashes and weathering two world wars?

20110528-031531.jpg I love Montreal. There's great art and fashion and food and film. Everything I like in a city. I need to learn to speak French. Merci. Last night before my show in Wakefield I snapped this picture of the lake. I took it right at the same time John Kuhlken's funeral/ celebration of life was taking place. I dedicated my show to him and said a prayer of thanks. I'm thankful that I got to meet such a beautiful and gentle soul. I'm going to try my damnedest to live a better life in honor of him. He was patient and positive and sweet and had a viral smile. Contagious like the Bird Flu. His smile could infect you with warmth and you wouldn't even realize it was happening before it was too late and you'd be grinning ear to ear. I remember one time he took me to a Padres game and he had amazing seats and we pretended we were announcers. We kept running into people we knew and the game was one of the funnest I've ever been to. Life is one big memory train and the tracks keep on clickity clacking and the conductor waits to punch our tickets. All these beautiful touching memories are what we end up with. Passing moments spent together in a park full of energy and atoms and molecules and rush rush rush. Sweet stolen moments in time and calendar pages flipping so fast that before we know it another year has passed. It's bittersweet but I wouldn't trade any of these days I've spent with good friends living, loving and laughing and making beautiful melodies. Anyways, here's the picture:

20110528-033244.jpg I know it looks dark but that's ok. The world felt dark yesterday and I don't mind at all. After the show I chatted with people and this really cool Japanese girl bought a copy of my record Dreamhouse on vinyl. Her name is Chihiro. Look how good she looks holding it!

20110528-033605.jpg Well, we're almost in Toronto so I must navigate the gps coordinates to a house in Burlington, Ontario. I will play my heart out tonight because that's what I do. That's my job. Thanks for letting me bend your ear. Tonight Burlington. Sunday and Monday Oakville Ontario at The Moonshine Cafe And then on Wednesday night --- I play at Hugh's Room in Toronto. Here's what the Toronto Star wrote: To see Steve to perform live is one of the most entertaining shows a human could ever see. Frenzied, aggressive, hilarious, and heartbreakingly sincere, his live performances have become bona fide events, with sub-cultures popping up all over the globe to entice him to come and tour. As relentless as he is in concert, he is also the guy who famously co-wrote the timeless ballad "You Were Meant For Me" with platinum-selling songwriter Jewel. "A spine chilling talent..."- Toronto Star

So the train keeps a rolling along. I need to go get a seat because I don't know where it's heading but I want to stay on board to see what surprises spring up. There's always some crazy shit happening. I just now checked the New York Times and I see that Gil Scott Heron just passed away. I remember listening to him in the early 70s when I found a recording somewhere. I was only eleven! That guy was a political poet with a spine tingling voice that could reach inside you and scare the crap out of you while at the same time make you want to listen to more and more and more. The train doesn't stop. I love you John Kuhlken. I see you in the stars. I'll look for you tonight and every night. Shine and sparkle on dear friend. I feel you everywhere.

20110528-035748.jpg With love and affection, Steve