Laughter till tears

20111117-134036.jpgRona and Geoff let us park our caravan in front of their house and then cooked us a five star breakfast and let us shower (thankfully) and then sent us on our way to Morecambe where we play tonight at The Platform. It feels so good to be freshly scrubbed and our horses were watered and fed. We have lots of water and a full bed of hay. We have pistols, ammo, face masks, wigs, carrier pigeons, beef jerky and whiskey and matches. This morning at breakfast Simon made me laugh harder than I've ever laughed in my life. He just kept saying the word sausage in different inflections until I was crying and fell out of my chair. I begged him to stop but he wouldn't relent. I wish you a day filled with tomatoes and mushrooms.

20111117-135319.jpg Glenn has really nice friends and fans. I keep meeting sweet humans on this planet I'm visiting. No sleep till Morecambe. Thank you very much Holmfirth! Peace be with you. Steve