Laughable loveable life (I'm a dancer!)

I'm about to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Isn't that what we all live for? Getting our gums  and teeth scraped? Then I'm going to go to ballet practice because ever since my viewing of The Black Swan, I've decided to become a dancer. From now on please refer to me as "Tiny Dancer". No more stupid guitar and singing. I was born to dance. It's what I now exist for. Many people think I've lost my mind but this is what I live for. Does anyone out there know of any ballet companies that will have me? I guess I'll start integrating my dance routines into my Australian shows. The first step to self realization is to start saying what you are. "I'm a ballet star! Dammit all! I was fucking born to dance! This my my reality! I will be the best dancer ever! Even better than that Russian guy! I love my legs!"

The Life of Stevesteve poltz