Last night with The Rembrandts

20110401-030950.jpgDanny Wilde on the left and Phil Solem on the right. Post show bliss. I hadn't seen either of these guys in years so it was fun to catch up. They sang the theme song to Friends which was cool to hear. People were happy and I sold some vinyl. It's 3:25 am and I can't sleep. I don't know how people are able to sleep. I do it every once in awhile. We have 3 shows left. Friday in Port Washington, Wisconsin and Saturday in Fairmont, Illinois and Sunday in Evanston, Illinois. So if you're in Milwaukee then come to Port Washington and if you're in Champaign Illinois then come to Fairmont and if you're in Chicago then come to Evanston. I go see The Cubs play on Monday and then start driving home to San Diego.

I want to dip my toes in The Pacific Ocean. I want to take sleeping lessons. I want to do my laundry. I want to check out. This has been a hard tour. I want to go to Vietnam and walk around. I don't even know what I'm talking about. I need a bath and some food. I'm really tired. Time to hide under a desk.