Last night in Truro- tonight St John's Newfoundland

20110521-124541.jpg Back on the road after a long show in Truro last night. I felt a lot of empty like the wind had been taken from my sails. The people in the audience were really sweet and were up for anything. Music and shows seem kind of trivial with everything that happened yesterday and the reality of JohnKuhlken's death lingers in a space right inside my head. The only thing I'm certain of is that the world keeps spinning and I need to keep my friends close. There's many shows ahead. Last night I stayed in this hotel that was hosting a deaf bowling tournament. A lot of people came from far away to compete and people were all hanging out on my floor having a party. People standing in the hallway drinking beers and getting reacquainted. It was the quietest hotel party I'd ever seen. All sign language and every so often a twisting of quiet moans of the English language. No worries about the hotel detective having to come up a break up a party. I liked it very much. I kept finding excuses to leave my room to get something from the van just so I could walk down the hallway through the middle of the party an absorb the energy. I wish I knew sign language. Deaf bowling leagues rule! Thanks again to Truro. Always a welcoming group of people at The Marigold Cultural Centre. Nova Scotians are a hospitable bunch. I was asking the audience questions and there was a girl wearing one of my penguin shirts I had for sale. I brought her up on to stage to model it and someone from the audience yelled "have her show you her tattoo! It's a fiddle!" so I brought her up with her boyfriend and I had him pose with his fist out while I looked at her tattoo and snapped a picture at the same time mid show.

20110521-093036.jpg So-- I'm now en route to the airport to catch a flight to St John's (a fitting name for a city) Newfoundland. Tonight I'll play at 10 ish at The Ship Inn. I'm looking forward to seeing old and new friends. The Newfoundlanders are good medicine indeed. And so it goes... Stvee Pltoz

PS- John Kuhlken sure had a lot of good friends. What a measure of a life. I'd forgotten about all those amazing Macananys gigs and all the blazing Deep In The Shed shows. Wow. Texas Teahouse the Tiki and O'Connell's! All those nights he must have carried in and set up his drums. Wowza! He's St John in my book.