Last night in Clitheroe

20111202-095701.jpgI met some fine people last night in Clitheroe. Da peoples was friendly. Everyone talked kinda funny. It's getting cold now here in The UK. I actually have a day off to wander around and see pretty things. Last night before the show I saw a manger.

20111202-095948.jpg All the Christmas decorations are up and the windy little streets have a certain bustling energy to them. I need to do laundry in a big way honey. Did I mention that I added a show? A solo show where I get to play a good 90 minute set. It's in Stroud on Dec 9 at The Prince Albert Pub. I hope Dana reads this and puts it up on my site. Hello Dana? Are you there? Paging Dana Cutler? It'll be a hoot to actually play for more than 30 minutes. I don't know what I'll do. This tour has been breathtaking and mind blowing. Thank you Glenn for inviting me along. Yesterday I tried a new cola that is now my fave ever. And I don't even drink cola.

20111202-100651.jpg If you ever see it, get it. Then let's talk. Also-- I just finished season two of The Wire. Why did it take me so long to watch this show? I love it. I'm starting season 3 today. This is a crazy way to watch a whole series. All at once like a pig. No waiting for the next season to come out. I'll go through withdrawals when it all ends. I need to find a shower in this one horse town and a launderette.

20111202-101108.jpg With love, Old Man Poltz