Last night at The Old Museum in Bribane

20120416-080227.jpgThe first night of The Aussie tour started off with a bang. The venue was nothing short of astounding. Great crowd of people and sweet vibes throughout. As you can see by the photo above I think I was talking about yoga or some shit. Alan Boyle opened the show and I took this pic of him from the side of the backstage area. He was fantastic. Check him out here.

20120416-080912.jpg I must have played for about over two hours because when I finished I was sweaty like Bikram. Speaking of the Bikram the lovely owners of the studio TD and Christine showed up at my performance. Here's a pic from earlier in the day after I took their class.

20120416-081353.jpg They rock. I want to live with them. Here's their website. Oh man- there was the coolest old piano in the venue. By the way, The Old Museum really is an old museum. Check out this weathered old piano.

20120416-081851.jpg Can you imagine the stories this thing could tell? I'm seriously fascinated by it. I wonder if it's too tired to tell me some tall tales? I was worried about Brisbane because everyone says its a hard market to play. But I'm seriously psyched about this place. I missed it last time because of the floods in Queensland. But I've added a second show. It's Tueaday night at The Round. . I hope to see you there. I also have to say that I had a great time performing on 4ZZZ radio. Here's a pic from that performance

20120416-082723.jpg So the tour is going to be fun. It all starts with the first gig and Allanah at The Old Museum deserves huge hugs. She is way cool and is even cooking me dinner tonight. I can't wait. I'm going back to Bikram this morning to stretch.

20120416-082954.jpg More later, Steve