Last night at The Maverick Saloon

20120301-081748.jpgLast night we pulled up to The Maverick Saloon for my extravaganza and everything was perfect. People were buzzing about preparing for a show and the world was keeping tempo. I got have dinner with Steven Soles and catch up on his life with Jane in the peaceful house they share in Santa Ynez Ca. Steven produced my CD One Left Shoe many years ago. He's a very cool fellow and toured with Bob Dylan during The Rolling Thunder Revue days. I love playing Tales From The Tavern at The Maverick Saloon. Ron does such a great job putting together the concert series. He curates the season with his heart and instincts. Love him. I also got to hang with Henry Diltz. Wow. The pictures he's taken. He's a legend. He did all the pics on One Left Shoe years back so it was lime a reunion. Here's what backstage looked like.

20120301-083656.jpg Super duper fun night. But very sad about the passing of Davy Jones. My Sister and I loved The Monkees and Davy Jones was so charming and funny. He was the one we always wanted to be. He had the English accent and sang Daydream Believer. What a song! 66 is way too young to go. He was still touring. But now he's crossed over. Rest in Peace Davy Jones. I'm going to crank up some Monkees today for the drive up north. Don't forget to tune in tonight to watch a show I'm playing on the world wide web. 6pm pacific. A live event. Streaming. 6pm PST march 1. Or if you like GMT it's 0200 March 2. Tune into and I'll see you tonight. Live chat and music. Here's a pic of the back of Henry Diltz's camera right at the end of my show. A pic of a pic that Diltz snapped.

20120301-090244.jpg Must drive north to Northern California where the air is clear and the skies are blue. Love, Poltz