Last Night At The Ark video was shot by Frag last night in Ann Arbor Michigan at The Ark. So much fun to rock the house and what a sweet turnout for a Monday night. The Ark is such a great venue with an amazing all volunteer staff of really friendly music livers and lovers. State of the art sound and great lighting. Love love love it. Thanks heaps Ark.

Today we begin the long 12 hour trek to Minneapolis. We have a "day off." :) Why is it that our day offs always include 12 hour drives? Tomorrow night we play The Fine Line in Minneapolis at 8pm. I reckon today we'll make it as far as Madison Wi and spend the night in the land of cheese. It'll be a big day of This American Life podcasts for me. Have I mentioned that it's really cold in Michigan? They call this spring? Maybe in Siberia. I heart you all for driving so far to see us play. I'm lucky to know you and I honor you. Meow, Stevey P