Last night

Last night was a hoot AND money was raised for The Barking Lot. Dogs will find homes because of your contributions. Ruff ruff! Seriously- dogs that are on death row get picked up by The Barking Lot and get a reprieve. Sometimes it's on their final day when death is certain that The Barking Lot rescues them and finds them homes. I got to hang out with the pups yesterday and it was so much fun. These dogs are misfits and I love them. All of the volunteers are super cool and if you're interested in cruising out to El Cajon and walking some canines then by all means volunteer. You'll meet some sweet people and have fun with some lively barkers. Muchas gracias again for coming out to the show last night. I had a swell time thrashing on my guitar and singing songs and telling tales and wagging tails.

For more info on the dogs and volunteering check out The Barking Lot's website.