The Country Dick Buddy Blue show

20120108-105641.jpgMan. Sometimes you just have those nights and last night was über special. Seeing all those people packed in to the Belly Up for a crazy extended night of music was truly inspiring. I hadn't seen The Beat Farmers play in years and I was moved. Goosebumps. Crazy spirit inducing goosebumps. The Beat Farmers have this crazy chemistry and I watched many a show over the years but I just didn't think last night I would be able to conjure up those old spirits but boy was I wrong. First off The Buddy Blue memorial band was amazing. Romy Kaye sang like a crazy angel and Rick Wilkins tore up the guitar. The rest of the band was swinging. Then I got to play a set and had a blast with The Farmers backing me up. So much freaking fun. Next The Farmers blew the roof off the joint. I love Jerry Raney. Sully on bass Corbin and Mr Joel Kmak on drums held it together. The Candye Kane played her heart out with this amazing guitarist named Laura Chavez. Wow. Then The Beat Farmers took the stage and I had tears in my eyes. So many memories. I was mesmerized. With Rolle on bass and Joey Harris and Jerry Raney there is this crazy chemistry. They're like 3 wild coyotes up there conjuring spirits of yore. The never tired Joel Kmak was still on drums! He's amazing. And the spirits were out in force. The ghosts of Buddy Blue and Country Dick Montana and Lorna Doone. I cried and laughed and hugged people and sang along with every word I could remember. What a great great night. I'm honored to have been a part of it. xo S