Knocked in the dirt

dirt.jpgI am no longer rooting for The Padres. Why should I? Why do I care? It just breaks my heart. I don't even like them anymore and that's fine with me. I play music for a living. I don't need to be wasting my time rooting for some professional team when I have enough to worry about. I have a new restaurant slash bar. R/B. I have shows to play. Sock drawers to rearrange and planes to catch. I have to make the world safe. I need to work on peace and quiet for all on this wild planet. Why should I care about a dumb game that's made for kids.? I have adult things to do, like go to the dentist and do my taxes. Write songs and sing them. Like I need The Padres to define me. The stupid Red Sox came in to San Diego and took two out of three. Big deal. I really don't care anymore and that's all I'm going to say aboutit. Cheese and rice! I am a musician for chrissakes. Not some dumb ass sports fan. Thank God i finally figured it out. I am going out to buy a gun and I'm shooting a hole through my tv set when ESPN Baseball Tonight comes on tonight. You may see me on the evening news. Good riddance, Steve