Keeping the music in schools

gitgit.jpgReturning to San Diego tomorrow. I'm playing a benefit to keep music in schools. This is a charity event to support the Bonsall Education Foundation to fund district-wide music programs that were cut by the California state budget crisis. More information about the event is available here. Tickets for Bonsallpalooza are available at the Bonsall Certified Farmer's Market which is located at the Bonsall Community Center on Old River Road in Bonsall. Get discounted tickets ($30) for this show by emailing: with the subject line: Serve Me My Food. The show starts at 8pm Do something good for once in your fucking lives. You'll be able to tell your friends you give to charity and they'll think you're all philanthropisty. You'll be more sexually attractive to the same or opposite sex. ( whatever you're into ---including animals) Don't let me down. I'm counting on you. I never ask you for favors but this time I am. I'll hate you forever if you don't show up. 30 bucks is a small amount to make sure we keep churning out weirdos who play music. Christily yours, Steve