Just blasted through Oklahoma

20110405-093807.jpgMan, we blew through Oklahoma like criminals on the run. Stopped at Leo's BBQ for some tasty grub in OKC and had a quick chat with Ari Hest who's playing The Blue Door tonight. It would have been cool to see his show but I'm in stable pony mode and I'm trying to get to Albuquerque by 1am and a wee bit o' slumber and then more blacktop fever. Right now we're outside of Amarillo in the land of Texas panhandling it like fry cooks. I'm so fried I feel like a burnt piece of bacon in an iron skillet. Oh----- The Padres won their home opener today! I would have loved to have been there at Petco Park but I listened to the whole game on my phone. Technology rocks and is my friend, sometimes.

Must take more greens and eat an orange or two. Nos vemos amigos, Esteben