Jon Dee Graham

20110319-114705.jpgI had tea this morning with Jon Dee Graham in the lobby of my hotel and lo and behold there was a picture of him on the wall like he built the place. So I forced him at gunpoint to stand by his picture while I endlessly snapped photos as people walked by staring and smiling. We had a great visit and smiled about things and situations and blackbirds and love etc. He makes me laugh so hard. Love love love him. He's doing well and these moments mean a lot to me. Thanks Jon. I mean it man. I'm headed to Dallas now to play a storytellers show with Ray Wylie Hubbard at The Kessler Theater. The show starts at 8 so don't be late.

SXSW was a hoot. Madness everywhere. So many people dashing in and out an wandering an stumbling and singing and strumming. Thanks to everyone for the love and support. Peace, Steve