Jinxy The Cat

20140109-114741.jpgI wonder if I need to have the same breakfast I had last Sunday in order for The Chargers to win? I probably need to wear the same clothes which won't be hard since I wear the same thing everyday for at least a couple weeks until I get sick of it.

But I feel that if I don't watch this Sunday's game with the same group of people and eat the same thing that they'll lose. Enter sarcastic tone of voice Right STEVE- it all really depends on what YOU eat and wear. The whole game is riding on it. People in Denver have been sent out to San Diego to hide youR clothes and ruin your breakfast with Chris Damoose.

Now enter my higher pitched pleading voice talking to the other sarcastic guy in my head.

No really! This is super important. I know you think I'm nutso magutso but The Chargers WILL lose if I can't find the same socks. This is really fugging important. I would have said the real F word but if I do then it will negatively affect Phillip Rivers' pass completions.

This is terribly important.

Someone help me. I'm melting down. I've lost my fugging socks.

This is bad.

Love Steve Poltz aka Jinxy The Cat