jeep likes me!

3d-jeep-willy-2.jpgI've received so many emails regarding the jeep ad that I can't keep up. It's crazy how many people have televisions. I wish I owned my own major TV station so I could play my music on it all day. Then I could be like Britney Spears and have the press follow me around all day until I finally have a nervous breakdown. Ok, maybe that's a bad idea. But I would like to thank everyone for writing and being so excited. It really warms my heart. If you would like to see the ad in the 60 second format and the 30 second format in higher resolution then Click Here for Beam TV If you're impatient for the download process on that site then go to you tube right here: It's really weird because I was in need of some cash to help subsidize the cost of my upcoming cd release. Publicist, printing of cds, radio promo etc... Then all of a sudden I got an email from Jeep wanting to use the song. It turns out that a guy who used to date the roommate of a girl I was dating at USD years and years ago now owns an advertising agency in San Francisco. The agency is called Cutwater and their website is way cool. Click Here forCutwater I guess Chuck Mcbride (owner of Cutwater) remembered my music and voila. Some pennies fell from the sky and the release of My new CDs Traveling and also Unraveling are right on time to be delivered to the world on January 22. That's right folks, 2 separate CDs. Here are some of the emails: Hi Steve I was watching television last week and the jeep commercial came on. I immediately recognized your voice and the melody (similar to one of your other songs). I had forgotten that your dad had mentioned that you got this contract with Jeep, but it did not matter since I recognized your voice in the commercial. Keep the first weekend in August open next year for the Poltz reunion in Vancouver hosted by our cousin Mike Kuta. Penny customerid: 13381 name: Alanna Jackson message: Good job! I just heard your song on a JEEP commercial. Just thought that I would write and say congrats. from Pittsburgh. customerid: 13381 name: sarah message: heard your song unexpectedly while watching football. turned out to be an ad for jeeps. hope it makes you jillions of dollars and sells lots of jeeps and saves lots of jobs and makes the world a better place. if nothing else, it made me smile. Is it true that you're now the offical songwriter for Jeep? I just got a phone call from my buddy, annoncing that "some guy who sonds like Steve" just had some song on National TV for more than 17 seconds and if ot was indeed SJDP, you were entitled to a big fat check that you were going to blow at the dog races..... I beleive the part about the tune being on a Jeep commerical, but I always thought of you as more of a pony guy.... Take care Steve, glad to hear the things are rolling in the right direction for my favorite "house band leader" from Sandy Eggo.....and, by the way, I too pee in the shower.... Jim "your t-shirt I bought in Havover kicks ass" Turner customerid: 13381 name: Markus message: Hiya, No big whoop, and I know we all have to pay our bills, but selling your song to Jeep? It kinda surprised me....then again, better you than The Stones or 50 cents or Justin Timberlake or .... well nevermind.... Glad you got some money out of the deal.... Ciao, Markus P.S.: You need to come back to KCMO, you haven't been here for a while Anyhow. you get the idea. Does that mean when I sing forbidden fruit I can't sing the Bob Seger line anymore? Now maybe I need to say, "she thrust a tape in my cassette deck, as swift as a pack of colts. I said 'this sounds just like a TV ad, she said it was Steve Poltz." Any ideas?? Love, Steve (world's longest blog entry of the day) Poltz