I’ve seen the light

23light.jpgHeaded to the blue mountains today to play at The Clarendon and I'm thinking it's going to be the best day of my life. I hear Katoomba is pretty cool and that the people there all eat leaves and drink extra virgin olive oil. There is money hidden in a vault in the local pub and I'm going to crack the safe. It's going to be the biggest heist in years. Word has it that there's like 90 bucks stashed in the back in a bag underneath some rare African diamonds and an original Picasso. I'll leave that crap and take the cash and buy everyone some pies at a roadside stand. I'll send some free pies to you if you send me your pin numbers and credit cards. Also, I'd like to have the passwords to your online bank accounts. I've seen the light and it's really bright and my eyes hurt and I might need to "purchase" some Prada sunglasses. I hope I see you guys soon somewhere. It's quiet this morning and I slept well and missed yoga. I don't know what to do with the extra 2 hours I've now been given. I think I'll build a model airplane. Come meet me in The Blue Mountains and sing songs with me. ***ALSO*** Just added a show! 20th January, 2010 - 8PM Builders Arms Hotel 211 Gertrude St Melbourne Fitzroy VIC 3065 Ph: (03) 9419 0818 Love ya- mean it- bye SjjP