I've gone bananas

bananas.jpgI had a great time at Tales From the Tavern at The Maverick Saloon the other night. My friend Maia Sharp shared the bill with me and the packed house responded with a fervor not unlike that of people who catch fire when sitting around a bonfire on a beach with a leaking can of gasoline. We laughed, we cried and ate great Italian food. Some really cool people flew all the way out from Australia to see the show. Henry Diltz took pictures and the show was filmed on video for perhaps another DVD? Steven Soles showed up! He produced One Left Shoe years ago. It was so much fun catching up with him and hearing stories and talking about guitars and facial hair and testicles. Well, we really didn't talk about testicles but in my mind we did. Kind of like Brian Fellows Safari Planet. That's crazy! Rabbits can't cut their own hair. Happy Friday to you, Steve