It's chili season in New Mexico

chili-season23.jpgIt's chili season in New Mexico and Billy Harvey says I am running for President. Is this a photo-op or what? We spent the night on the Billy's Granfather's plantation. (that's what I call it) His Grandpa must have been watching from up in heaven because we got the star treatment. The people in the picture below have a once a year chili fest where they peel chilis for the upcoming year. I had to get in on that action. Gloves are a must or you will burn your skin to smithereens. After we peeled them one of the ladies made us burritos for the road. I have never tasted anything so scrumptious. I think you should rent a car and drive through New Mexico this time of year. The scenery is stunning. I had such a fun show in Phoenix! I want to send a huge smile out to the Arizona peeps for coming out to The Rhythym Room for a 3 hour show. My voiced is trashed but it was worth it. More later. The mountains of Colorado are calling me. Poltz persident23.jpg