It's balmy in Bozeman

snow-boze.jpgToday I was at the top of the mountain near Big Sky and and I asked the ski lift operator how warm it was. He said, "it's zero degrees." I said, "excuse me, did you say zero?" He replied,"yes sir I did." (alarming fact-people are starting to call me sir) I said, "How can that be? Doesn't there have to be some degrees?" Then he said,"you're right! I just checked the temp and it's minus 10." I said, "thanks. I feel much better now." Then I realized I was sweating like a whore in church. I hope to see some Montana folks at the show here. It should be a hoot. My Pa loved all the feedback he got on his latest poem. He says to tell you thanks. So thanks from Joe. Coach Renfro replied to my wresstling blog below and it made my day. I had lost touch with him. The yoga and songwriting retreat is filling up. See info in earlier blog entry below. There are still a few spaces left. Baseball season is starting spring training. I hope to get out there for a game or two. Bruce Bochy is now managing The Giants and Tim Flannery is his 3rd base coach. It's going to be strange when The Padres play The Giants. Very strange. My south by southwest showcase is Friday March 16th in Austin at The Molotov Lounge at 10 pm. Anyone going to SXSW? My Canadian music week showcase is next week in Toronto at The Rivoli. It should be balmy there too. I rented 2 great documentary films last week. The Fog Of War and Why We Fight. Has anyone else seen them? The footage of Robert Mcnamara in The Fog of War is amazing. Great interviews and old tapes of phone conversations with JFK LBJ and Mr. Mcnamara discussing The Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam. Why We Fight starts with Dwight Eisenhower giving one final speech on his last day in office as U.S. President. He warns for Americans to be wary of the U.S. military industrial complex. I had frogotten about this speech and it is riveting and prescient. Especially coming from such a well respected man. I hope to see you soon. Goodnight, Steven JJ P