Is it safe?

ouch.jpgThat's all I kept thinking about at the dentist. I kept thinking about the movie Marathon Man. Did you ever see it? Dustin Hoffman getting his teeth drilled by a former Nazi torture specialist. All because his brother, played by Roy Scheider is in the C.I.A. If you haven't seen it I don't suggest seeing it until after you go to the dentist. The Nazi keeps drilling into Dustin's teeth and asking him if it's safe. "Is it safe? Is it safe?" Poor Dustin doesn't know what the guy is talking about and he keeps answering yes and then no. Anything to get the guy to stop drilling in his mouth. Every once in awhile the torture expert played by Laurence Olivier will put clove oil into Dustin's mouth to soothe the pain. One of the other things I like about this film is how Dustin Hoffman's character Thomas "Babe" Levy is obsessed with Abebe Bikila, the Ethiopian marathon champion who won 2 gold medals in the Olympics. He won in 1960 running barefoot. A full marathon in bare feet! He then won it again in 1964 after having his appendix removed only 40 days earlier. He wore shoes this time. The theme of the marathon, the torture and the fact that it takes place in New York and that it came out in 1976 make this movie one of my favorite thrillers. Let's rent it together tonight. It's not exactly a Thanksgiving movie, but now that my ordeal at the dentist is over I'll be able to watch it and relive my pain. Yay for pain! Congrats to to Troy Lee Wells and soon to be Devon Lee Wells! Theys a gonna get married. Theys a gonna have a weddin'. Idiots. I love 'em. I had dinner with them last night and I got to hang with his future mother in law as well. She rocks. She's an english teacher and english teachers make the world go round. So he's getting a way cool wife and an even cooler mother in law. I took their wedding picture here. They're just the cutest things I ever did see. Paz y amor, Steve