In the Bee Hive

bbbb.gifphoto by sammy davis jr. Here is a photo of Bikram and Bonzo in the studio. Billy Harvey is producing my new cd here in Austin, Tejas in los Estados Unidos. The Bee Hive is where we are holed up for hours upon hours upon flowers. The recordings are luminous and Bostonian in nature only because Boston rhymes with Austin. Plus, I like the way luminous sounds. If you check my show schedule you'll see that there aren't any. This is the first time in a long time that I have nothing scheduled. The only show I have is this coming Saturday the 28th of January at Bend Yoga in Dallas. This show is with Billy Harvey and there will be no other shows after this party. I will tour with Mister Harvey this summer when my new cd will be released. We will do lots of shows but until then, you need to buy a ticket to fly out to Dallas for this Saturday's extravaganza bonanza featuring Tony Danza. Bend Studio is at 5014 McKinney Ave. Dallas TX, 75205. Phone : 214-841-YOGA I'm eating well and participating in laughing fits daily. Life is sweet and short so don't forget to pay your taxes and eat your green beans, and remember that a penny saved is a penny yearned. Your Friend for Life, and I mean LIFE. not just half of it. The whole freaking enchilada. with green sauce and onions. Steven Bikram addict Poltz