In Pontardawe watching futbol on the telly

20111113-140313.jpgWe are in the RV in Wales sipping tea watching Charlton play Halifax on the telly. Charlton are up 1 nil. Since its not Halifax Nova Scotia Canada I've been ordered to support Charlton. Glenn is a die hard Charlton dude and he even tea drinks his tea out of a Charlton cup. Note exhibit A

20111113-140924.jpg The Welsh people are hard to understand. I have no clue what they're saying most of the time. Gooooooooal!! Charlton just scored again. Chris Modl and I just high fived Glenn and he said he'd never done that before. He called it a "temporary pollutant!" Goooooal!!! Again. It's now 3 nil.

This is a cute little town. I'm looking forward to rocking the joint. Did you know that Tom Jones is from Wales? Cool. I love him. Sunday carvery to you, Steve