In need of relaxation

I'm in major need of some sleep. Folk Alliance was amazing and exciting and sleep depriving. I saw so many old friends. I'll be posting more pics but I'm in an airport in Dallas right now connecting to San Diego. I played 4 showcases yesterday and the last one was at 2:30 am! Fell asleep at 5 and woke at 8:30. Yikes! I'm sleepwalking to my gate at this huge convoluted airport. I was riding the sky tram like I was at Disneyland because I kept missing my gate because I was snoozing like a hobo on a park bench. I like airports. They're my people. Can airports be my people? I wonder. Hmmm. Soup is here at Papasito's in the airport. Hahahah. I've gone nutty. Losing it.Me name is Steev

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