Imitate or die

20140803-103540-38140997.jpg Somewhere in the middle of Texas on a road there's a man imitating a man imitating a man. It's a house of mirrors and a dance that never ends. A long hallway leading to another room of men imitating men imitating imitation crab. The wind gently blows honeysuckle across the plains and there are peaches in them thar hills. Friendly strangers wave and some get ideas about making peach ice cream and maybe retiring from the race of rats to open an ice cream shoppe and even spell shop old fashionedy. Maybe even call it Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe. The sky is so darn blue that it makes my veins pop and crackle with anticipation. I'm a roadrunner and I'm ready to race the day. Let's ricochet together. I'm playing in Shreveport tonight!