Imaginary conversation

20130711-130303.jpgImaginary conversation taking place in my head between The Padres and The Giants who just happen to be playing each other tonight in San Diego at Petco Park.

Padres- "hey dudes! Come join us in the basement won't you? It's nice and cool down here and dark. Our parents are outta town. It's really cozy."

Giants- "We're not used to the basement. We have 2 rings in the last 3 years. It's weird to look up and see all those other teams above us."

P- "It's not so bad. You'll get used to it. Come play video games with us."

G- "Do you guys have Candy Crush?"

P- "Shit yes! We have everything. Excuse the DNA on the comforter."

G- "Eww. Hey, is that a Bong?"

P- "Oh hell yes! We have pharmaceutical dope galore. We also have lots of edibles."

G- "I like it down here in the cellar. I can see why you guys stay here all the time. A couple of weeks ago it looked like you were checking out the high rise view. What happened?"

P- "This is good weed man."

G- "Where are our batting gloves and cleats?"

P- "Who cares? Do you have any Doritos?"

G- "Yes we have Doritos Loco Tacos! Are we playing each other tonight? Like, aren't we supposed to play baseball?"

P- "Don't worry, be happy! The cellar has lots of wine and our parents are in Greece for the summer. Let's invite some chicks over and party."

G- "this REALLY is good weed man. This basement rocks!"

P- "Let's carpool together over to Petco at 6 and try out the kettle corn."

G- "Mmmm Kettle corn!"