I'm Moving to St. John's Newfoundland

dog-lick.jpgI had so much fun the other night at the Ship Inn. The nicest coolest people you ever want to meet. Soulful fun loving crazy folks. I like their accents and our host Tony was a peach. I highly recommend a vacation over yonder this summer. You'll thank me and I'll thank you. The weather is a little cooler than in San Diego so you might want to bring a coat. I bought some t-shirts at The Living Planet. The folks that work there are swell. Also met some cool folks that own this place. I saw this little tidbit of info on dogs and wondered if you guys agree with it. I thought it was pretty cool. I love dogs and wish I didn't have such bad allergies. Dancing with the squirrel. Here's a little video I made of me dancing with Squirty the squirrel. He loves to dance in the van to disco beats and loves it when I pet his eyeballs. Go here and scroll down to march 8th. Just do it! It's a way cool website with lots of great stuff on it. I love Music Fog. I will follow them to the ends of the earth. Let's follow them together. OK? Then check this out. Want some more stuff? joan.jpg Click Here You get it in a zip file raw! Before it airs. Hell yeah Dre! This is a free download of an interview I did with the amazing Joan Kornblith (pictured above with me doing the scream) at Voice of America. There are 3 broadcasts, all on Tuesday (except where it's already wednesday) 1. Broadcast on voamusicmix.net at 1000 UTC Tuesday ( or 3am LA, 4am Denver, 5am Chicago, 6am DC, 10 am London, 9pm Sydney) 2. Broadcast on the newstream of www.voanews.com at 2100 UTC Tuesday ( which translates to: 2pm LA, 3pm Denver, 4pm Chicago, 5pm in DC, 9pm in London, 10pm Amsterdam, 8am Wednesday in Sydney) 3. Broadcast on the voamusicmix.net at 2200 UTC Tuesday (3pm LA, 4pm Denver, 5pm Chicago, 6pm DC, 10 PM London, 11pm Amsterdam, 9 am Wednesday Sydney) Anyone in Africa can listen at 1530 khz (am), or on 6080 & 15580 mhz (shortwave) at 2100 UTC Tuesday. (If anyone really needs to figure out other time zones, there is a great converter here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html ) I'm going to be broadcast around the freaking world. I gotta go to Bedford Nova Scotia for a house concert. Over and Out, Steve