I'm kinda sleepy

20120321-150000.jpgI've been burning the candle at both ends. Man oh man oh man. South By Southwest was hectic, crazy, congested and generally-- in more scientific terms-- Nutso Magutso. I think one of my 12 shows was at The Saxon. At least I think I remember my name on the sign.

20120321-150302.jpg I know in between playing 12 shows in 4 days I also started making a record with Lars after eating some Swedish pancakes he made me at his recording studio in Austin, Texas.

20120321-151045.jpg I just need a nap. For about 12 hours. Maybe 13. Last night I almost fell asleep before my house concert.

20120321-151213.jpg Now I'm headed to Houston. I've got a show tomorrow night. Thursday the 22nd at The Mucky Duck. Drive on down to Houston. Come on! Everyone's doin' it! Steve