I'm in Denver! Show tonight- Colorado!

20110610-090709.jpgTonight I play Denver! David Lindley, Peter Case & Steve Poltz. 8 p.m. Swallow Hill, 71 E.Yale Ave., Denver, 303- 777-1003.

How fun this is going to be? I love Peter Case and I love David Lindley. tonight I get to play a show with both of them. I feel lucky and ducky and plucky.

I met this horse last night a truck-stop and his name is Philo. He thought my name was Phreetog because he kept saying "Hey Phreetog, it's me Philo!"

"You're a mannequin horse. That's all you are. I must be hearing voices in my head again." I said out loud.

Then the woman next to me said "Did that horse just talk?"

"I was just trying on a baseball hat and buying some sugary donuts and day old coffee. I'm just trying to get to Denver. Philo keeps calling me Phreetog." Then I mumbled something about chemicals and she walked away from me backwards and knocked over a Red Bull display.

I ran from the talking mannequin horse and whipped out my credit card and handed to the weathered looking man behind the cash register.

"That'll be $5.23 sir. Could I see your drivers license?" I pulled it out of my money clip and handed it to him. "California huh? I used to live in Whitter! But then it got shitter so I moved. Whittier got shittier! Get it?"

"Ummm yes." I replied with a scared crooked look.

"Ok thanks Mr Phreetog! Drive safe. Have a nice night."

I looked down at my license and my name was no longer Steve Poltz. It just said Phreetog. Like Jewel or Beck or Cher or Ichiro I only had one name. It was Twilight Zone strange. So I turned around and screamed at the horse.

"Hey Philo! It's me Phreetog! Hey Philo! It's me Phreetog!"

I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Louder than a Mariah Carey triple high octave. Next thing I know the horse just sat there frozen in the hat section not saying a word. I was escorted out by a security guard. It was at that moment that I decided to hand the keys over to Modl so he could drive.

See you tonight.