I'm headed to San Francisco

20110618-082604.jpgGood morning psycho rangers! I'm up and at 'em. Going to go walk around and see the world. There's so much beauty out there that my two eyes are simply gobsmacked. I get to play a show tonight in San Francisco. I love that city by the bay. I'm playing at The Red Devil Lounge with Peter Case. Don't miss this show as it's my last in the bay area. I've got things to do man. I've got to sit on couches in front of cool street art by Mark Bode and drink tea and eat oatmeal and stuff. I've got things to see and people to meet. There are so many things to learn on this crazy planet that I fear I don't enough time. Things I need to learn and do- 1. How to make better homemadey soups. 2. I need to perfect my Spanish. It used to be much better. 3. I need to read more Faulkner. 4. I've got a hankering to re-watch all the the episodes of The Sopranos. 5. It's important that I get my ass back to Bikram yoga. 6. Break out my classical guitar and study some beautiful etudes. 7. Sleep 8. Visit my Ma n Pa

I think I may be taking a major break and concentrating on other things for a good while.

Perhaps I'll see you tonight in San Francisco.

Warm regards and stuff, Steve