i'm happy

happy.jpgListen Here I'm happy I'm happy Like syrup I am sappy I'm happy I'm happy my ears are really flappy I'm happy I'm happy i'm lookin' kinda scrappy I'm happy I'm happy I put on my baseball cappy I'm smiling I'm smiling My hairdo's really styling I'm smiling I'm smiling My toenails need some filing I'm smiling I'm smiling The leaves are really piling up I'm smiling I'm smiling Cuz it's you that I'll be dialing up I'm breezy I'm breezy My engine's really wheezy I'm breezy I'm breezy Like a taco I am cheesey I'm breezy I'm breezy I am wobbly and uneasy I'm breezy I'm breezy Oops my tummy's really queasy I'm flustered I'm flustered My eyes are looking mustard I'm flustered I'm flustered I'd like to eat some custard I'm flustered I'm flustered I'm a shaky and I'm clustered I'm flustered I'm flustered I'm out of rhymes now buster!