I'm feeling haggard, Merle

I thought I was rested and ready to go to Denver tomorrow, but I'm feeling a little tired. I just looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I look incredible! I'm sporting the zombie look and I'm going to make it the holiday trend this season. The new banner up top of Jewel and moi on a Mexican drug bust was a co-creation with me being the sous chef to one Christopher Hoffee aka Cady Truckee aka Atom Orr. I'm catching a flight tomorrow to Denver to play a show at Swallow Hill. The show starts at 8 pm and then "cross fingers" I'm going to go skiing. I know what you're saying- "dude, don't do it! You broke your hand 9 moths ago. Are you freaking stupid?"

No I'm not stupid! I'm learning impaired. Keep me in your prayers. If you don't pray, then keep me in your beers. If you don't drink, then keep in your thoughts? ummm Send good energy my way. Don't worry for me my friend, I'll ski slowly. (famous last words)

Buenas noches,