I'm back in the saddle (so to speak)

tahitirock23.jpgSorry for the delay (tom delay) in not updating this blog in the last couple of weeks. There are reasons. 1. I have bird legs. (note the pic of me in Tahiti above) 2. We moved this website to a different server 3. The move took longer than expected and Patrick and Tony and Jesse did a great job riding herd. 4. There will be changes coming up in the near future on this here site. 5. I got sick in the northwest. I thought I was a young man who could still eat taco bell late at night. WRONG! I'll leave that action to my road manager Chris. He's a youngster at 25 and his stomach is iron. I can't hang with the postprandial roughness on the old gut that accompanies such late night eating romps. Let's just say I was warned by my band mates Christopher and Patrick. Repeatedly warned I might add. 6. The taco hell flu weakened my defenses and led to a stage one cold which moved down to my lungs and I have been hacking. 7. The shows must go on though. I am not one to cancel. It's not in my vocabulary. So here I am today feeling like I am on the mend. Headed to Athens Texas and then up to Oklahoma. Buy the new cds when you see us. It gives us gas money and helps us to keep on trucking. Big love to you all out there in music buying land. (a land inhabited by people who support traveling musicians. patrons of the arts if you will.) Peace in 2008, Steve

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