I'll be in Mineral Wells Texas tonight and tomorrow

20111007-090131.jpgHowdy friends, I'm on a plane at the moment speeding towards Texas. I'm going to a sweet little village called Mineral Wells. I'm playing two days at The Crazy Water Festival. Should be a hoot and a holler. I have a feeling the weather will be perfecto and people will be smiling. Roses will be in bloom and crazy water will be swilled and all the inhabitants will have a healthy glow. Songs will be sung and dust will be kicked up. The world will spin so fast on its axis that all the planets will shift a quarter inch. Quarter Inch!

Im in my element now. I live in airports and hotels and I'm used to clean towels and fresh sheets and faces I don't recognize. I feel at home hearing trucks speeding by late at night from the interstate next to my hotel window. I wander aimlessly down extra long hotel hallways and always have a vision of the scary twins girls from The Shining looking right at me followed by goosebumps across my arms. So as I type this little note from 30,000 feet up high you can rest assured that I'll be singing my little heart out like a happy well fed bird this evening. The stars at night are big and bright -clap clap clap clap-deep in the heart of Texas. See ya there compadres, Steverino