I'd like to thank you

The Florida Volkswagen Gulf is beautiful this morning. We just took an AT&T time out and stopped at Starbucks for a latte. I'm well rested and smarter from my stay at The Holiday Inn Express. Gee no GTE I feel happy today I'm lovin it at Mcdonald's. fuck yeah! 94/9 it's about the music. Putting on some sunscreen oh yeah DuPont The Miracles Of Science. Thanks Verizon! Can you hear me now? Gonna see a movie AMC Theatres: "Experience the Difference"This is giving me a headache Thank you Bayer USA: "Science for a Better Life" and Best Buy: "Thousands of Possibilities. Get Yours." Stopping for some fresh ass food from Bob Evans Restaurants: "Down on the Farm" Buy that shit from your computer at CompUSA: "We got it. We get it." Purchase those treats from ConAgra Foods, Inc.: "The Right Kind of Food Company"

Gotta stop for gasoline! Thanks ExxonMobil for "Taking on the world's toughest energy challenges"

It's so fucking hard to thank all my sponsors. This sucks. It's in my contract that I have to do this on every Facebook entry or I get sued.