I was going to Jump but I decided I wasn't worth it

camping.jpgThat Padres game was a heartbreaker to say the least. But it sure was a fun ride while it lasted. They're done for the season and I can get back to life. Hats off to The Rockies and to The Phillies. I have the whole off season to think about this. I thought if I updated this blog that I would jinx the Pads. That's how screwed up I am. Oh well, now I can get back to business. The picture above was taken in Prince Edward Island a few days ago. Right now I'm back in Nova Scotia playing more shows at a music conference thingy in Liverpool. I went swimming yesterday in White Point and ate some great Atlantic salmon. Life is good but I can't get that sinking Padre feeling out of my system. Off to New York tomorrow to drown my sorrows in the taping of The Hugh Thompson Show in New Yoooooork City. I'll be sad tp leave Halifax. The land of my birth and home of some great friends. I'm Back, Steve