I need your help

20120412-080336.jpgI want to start off my tour in Australia with a bang from a hello kitty shotgun. So please tell all your Australia friends that they need to come out to The Old Museum in Brisbane on Sunday evening April 15. I know you are all 6 degrees away from someone in BrisVegas (slang for Brizzy or Brisbane). I've never done that well in Queensland so it's probably stupid that I'm starting off my tour there but I'm taking a chance. A huge financial gamble that could either ruin the whole tour or perhaps it could start it off with a ticker tape parade. So fly there or drive there or bike there or walk there but tell anyone you see on the streets to come on out. If you do this for me then I'll come to your house and put up your Christmas lights. April 15, Brisbane, The Old Museum April 17, Brisbane, The Round April 19, Adelaide, The Jade Monkey May 3, Melbourne, Northcote Social Club May 5, Sydney, The Basement May 6, Kincumber, Lizottes May 7, Cronulla, Brass Monkey May 8, Newcastle, Lizottes May 10, Fremantle, The Fly Trap Thanks, Steve