I need a caption for this photo

moderndayjesus-231.jpgMy friend Mrs. Pertussin suggested I have you guys come up with a caption for this fine photo. Why? Because when she suggests something it's usually a good idea. Except for the time she thought it would be a good idea for me to run across Petco Park naked at The Padres game so her husband Bill could watch from his TV set in Virginia. That wasn't a good idea. No sirree bobby joe jim bob dale junior. Don't forget to come to The Casbah in San Diego this Friday night. I am giving away money from the stage and hand guns. Free bottles of whiskey to first 300 people through the door too. Naked dancers in cages will be swinging to and fro while I slowly strum my pain with my fingers. Oh yeah- we are also hosting the Democratic Presidential debates so come on out and meet the candidates. Bono will be there too serving fish tacos before I play my second song. Here is the caption that I suggest: All I need is this Padre cap and a hunting rifle and I'll be just fine. (I know you can do better than that) cheerio, Steve