I made it to Australia but my bags didn't

Ok! I just landed in Melbourne! Yippee! But my guitars didn't make it. Or my luggage. Boo!

Oh well. They said they'll get here tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday because I'm here. I lost Wednesday somewhere. It didn't exist.

I wonder where my guitars are? Maybe they're meeting other cool foreign guitars and learning stuff. If my guitars are reading this, please know that I love you and my fingers are fretting for your frets.

Also--- I screwed up the poster info. I forgot to include Lizotte's Kincumber when I gave Meg Flavell the info.

She graciously fixed it. Please disseminate the crap outta this poster and disregard the other.

I need butts in seats!

God speed Smokey Joe and Tenor Magenor.

No clothes no shaving kit. Hopefully in 24 hours we will all be reunited.