I love you Stroud!

20111210-173534.jpgA huge and hearty thank you to Tne Hamlet of Stroud. I love that place and especially Lotte and Miles and the gang at The Prince Albert Pub. They've created such a great enclave for bohemians and vagabonds and city folk and country bumpkins. Everyone is welcome. There was a great turnout for my show last night and everyone had smiles. The staff that works at this joint are among the most wonderful welcoming people you'll ever come across. The skies were blue today.

20111210-174026.jpg We are now I. Stratford upon Avon and I'm looking for the ghost of Billy Shakespeare. Winter is here and I have about 9 days left on this tour.

20111210-174301.jpg Here's the sign from last night.

20111210-174421.jpg Here's a nice little view of an area of Stroud from up high.

20111210-174545.jpg Thanks Phil, for letting me stay at your way cool house and for cranking Magical Mystery Tour! Love, Steve