i feel so confident since my teeth whitening

sugarboogers.jpgcandy!.jpg Wow! There's nothing like a trip to the dentist. He told me what good care I've been taking of my teeth. Then he proceeded to drill a hole in the side of my mouth and he kept asking me "is it safe?" I was screaming bloody murder. but seriously folks-- there is this place south of Perth called Margeret River and they make this chocolate there that will help you to be a better person. I am not kidding. I am high on it right now. I just took these pictures of me in a coffee house in Melbourne totally freaking out like a biker at a meth lab on his way to his cousin's Bar Mitzvah. (do bikers really go to Bar Mitzvahs?) Woohoo! I loves me some sugar. Yeah yeah sugar's good. God gave me my sugar. Thankyou God. God is a sugar pusher. I want to go jump through the glass window in this coffee house. I think I can survive it without getting cut because sugar and God have now teamed up. Satan is nothing but a little brussle sprout with some dated crappy balsamic vinegar dripping out of his beady little eyes. I have God and sugar on my side. I am going to go kick a hole in the side of my guitar. I think Lola deseves it for being out of tune this morning. Peace be with ya'll--and also with ya'll. Reno sugar cane Poltzy