I feel bad for Pluto

sp_padres423.jpgpluuuuto23.jpg Last night after the Padres swept The Dodgers in a crazy temperamental game with ejections and fights in the stands, I was sitting in the empty ballpark watching the cleaners clean, and I looked up at the stars. I was flashing back to my youth and playing baseball on a dirt lot with friends as the sun would slowly set. I remember it getting darker and darker and us straining to see a pop fly and arguing and grass stains and dirty knees and finally calling it quits. I also recall walking home with ball and glove and the smell of food cooking on the stove and my Mom telling me to wash up before dinner. The various meals always tasted so good. My Mom is an amazing cook and she always had something good prepared. I was a lucky kid. Thanks Mom. Then I thought of poor Pluto this morning when I woke up and it made me feel sad for that demoted planet. They stripped away its planetary status. Pluto got demoted. Stripped raw and naked before our very eyes. Now our solar system is just 8. And then there were 8. Poor poor Pluto. I wrote you a song to let you know that I sometimes feel like you. Listen here!! Sometimes I feel like Pluto Kicked out of the solar system I