I ducking love New Mexico

20110406-120138.jpgThe beautiful intergalactic forces of New Mexico are tugging at my heart. I ducking love this place and all its picturesque beauty. Red clay Indian faces jutting up in the air out of nowhere on the side of crazy cliffs with outer space rock formations. Graffiti covered freight trains clackety clacking off in the distance with an amazing open sky above holding sugary white clouds that seem to move obediently to the latest request of the Continental Divide's breezy orders. Speed freak truckers on I-40 transporting some man made corn syrupy based products to mega stores everywhere. A lot of people just passing through on their way to other places. But I like it it here and it'd sure be sweet to rent a beautiful adobe house with a view and a canyon and a veranda with a hammock and lazily strum my guitar without a care in the world. There are places in New Mexico where you can just disappear and fall off the grid. I ducking love the food and love the pace. I ducking love this place. Quack quack.