I broke my left hand!

break23.jpgnew-view.jpg My fourth metacarpal has a spiral fracture. I did it skiing in Rossland, BC. I crashed and heard it break right when I hit the ground. So now here I sit totally bummed typing with my right hand like a chicken pecking at some bird seeds. I'm wearing bright pink cast on my left hand. What does this mean for me and the upcoming shows? Glad you asked. It means that this Friday night's show in Rossland is just going to be stories and acapella stuff. I can't play guitar which is my favorite thing in the whole world. This hurts my heart real bad. No shows will be canceled! The show must go on. My Belly Up Bday show WILL STILL HAPPEN! I'll be one of those guys in a band that just sings. Like Aerosmith? AC/DC? I don't know. I'll do my best. Once the cast comes off I'll have to do rehab work to get me back to normal. That's the way the skis tumble. At least I can still sing. And tell jokes and act like an idiot. The idiot part seems to come really easy to me. Here's a pic of my pink cast. cast.jpg The diagnosis is "an undisplaced spiral fracture of the fourth metacarpal in tthe left hand and did not involve a joint" I like the part that says "did not involve a joint." I guess that means I wasn't smoking weed. I hope to see you beautiful friends and neighbors real soon. Good thoughts, Steverino (ski idiot who thinks he doesn't need his hands) Poltz