I ate everything and then collapsed in pleasure

20120120-103901.jpgSushi Ota is so good. I must eat there everyday. Please join me. I went there yesterday and then I didn't want to leave. They had to call the people in the white coats to haul me out. I went koo koo. Now I'm in a padded cell but I was allowed to write one last post before they cut my brain open and fix my head. I live in a tunnel under the Mexican border and I hear voices from other beings behind fifth dimension walls of protocol. There's a mole in The Senate and I need to report his identity to The CIA. Copious amounts of top secret information are being disseminated by carrier pigeons. It's only through trips to various sushi bars that I was able to become privy to some pretty crazy stuff. Please send me a cake with a nail-file and some scissors and a luffa and some patchouli oil and a lamp and an ashtray and a Mongolian yurt and some carrots and diapers. If the phone doesn't ring it's me calling. xo S