How To Make Gravy

I would like to thank Jen and Greg for buying me this book. I'm loving it like a bee loves flowers. I played a show the other night in Sydney at Sticky Bar that the aforementioned Jen And Greg and the other Jen and Ben threw together. It was such an amazing night with musical guests and a packed house of punters ready to enjoy some music. Is it ok to call them punters? I love that word and the way it's used here. I think it means the people who paid to see the show. Anyways, this book by Paul Kelly is the coolest gift! For those of you reading this who don't know who Paul Kelly is, well----- let me put it this way: Bob Dylan is the American Paul Kelly. I love his songs and I love his whole being. I must meet this man. I'm just throwing it out there. This book is Paul talking about a bunch of his songs and I love reading about stuff like this. Great details and pictures and stories. Here's his website. peace amigos Just bee! Buzz Steve