Houston Tx Tonight! Mucky Duck

20120322-165906.jpgLast night I played a super secret show in a cabin. That's the note I left on the wall. It was really fun but tonight will even be funner. Why? Because I'm in Houston. The filthy H. I always have fun shows at The Mucky Duck. But tonight I have a feeling that some weird shit is gonna happen. I just feel a little extra freaky. do you think you could bring me a nice apple pie? I don't like crumbly top. I like a regular full crust. Not lattice. Although I do like lettuce.

20120322-170601.jpg The Mucky Duck wow--aww shuck and jive your way to Houston. In the words of Joni Mitchell; "My fingernails are filthy, I've got beach tar on my feet." See ya around the bend. Whammo, Steve